Physiotherapy Christchurch

The team at You First Physio work with a 3 staged Pain to Performance model of care. We aim to provide a gold-standard level of care that at all times is; professional, caring and above all patient-focused.

Our first priority is to get you pain-free. We want to get you moving and have your pain under control fast. To do this, we utilise “hands on’’ manual therapy, soft tissue release, taping, braces, education and appropriate advice to adjust your activities. At this stage we ensure that you have a full understanding of your condition.

Once you are pain-free, we can thoroughly assess your posture and biomechanics, allowing us to identify and then correct any contributing factors to your injury.

Biomechanical video analysis systems used in our clinic are state of the art, and allow us to objectively measure your movement, balance and control in great detail.

Many of the common conditions we see such as back and neck pain, tendinopathy and other joint and muscular conditions have high recurrence rates. This phase of the treatment pathway is all about analysing and then restoring optimal movement, strength and posture to avoid the cycle of recurrent pain and injury.

We aim to transform your posture and movement with individualised, home exercise programmes or in one of our physiotherapist-led exercise classes, so you can be more resilient to injury than ever before.

In this final phase of the Pain to Performance model we move on to exceeding your health, performance and lifestyle goals. We offer strength and conditioning, functional strengthening and Clinical Pilates- inspired classes, and massage.

Whether it is sports performance or your desire to live a healthy, injury-free lifestyle we can guide you to a level of health and fitness beyond your expectations.

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