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You First Physio @ Riccarton

Experience our newly renovated site at 187 Riccarton Rd when you book for your next Physiotherapy appointment.

We have recently refurbished our 6 treatment rooms and extended our gym facility. There is adequate parking at the rear of the building.

We have been operating out of 187 Riccarton road for over 30 years. Experience our state of the art Human Track biomechanical assessment to enhance your recovery and exceed your health goals.

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  • 187 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch
  • 03 3485 359
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Meet The Riccarton Team

  • Katherine Pierce Physiotherapist

    Katherine Pierce

    Qualifications: Diploma Physiotherapy, Diploma Manipulative Physiotherapy, Masters Physiotherapy, all in Otago

    Biography: I have worked in Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy for over 25 years, including 8 years in the UK. One of my roles in the UK was at Portland Physiotherapy that specialised in treating knees, that began my passion of rehabilitating knee injuries. I completed a full time post graduate year at Otago University in 1997 and completed my Masters in Physiotherapy in 2003. I joined the team at You First Physio in 2000 becoming a partner in 2001.

    Clinical interests: Special interest in knees with a passion for helping people with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. Muscle balance and movement analysis in lower limb presentations is another key area of mine. This grew from work in the UK at Physioworks where there was a strong focus on analysis of movement dysfunction to help prevent recurrences.

    Hobbies/interests: Hockey – both playing and coaching, Mountain Biking, Sport in general! Travel, Cooking and catching up with friends. I am mother to 3 very sporty children and love watching them play.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: Being a Physiotherapist is an incredibly rewarding career, nothing beats relieving a patient’s pain and taking their physical level to new heights. We are lucky to have a fantastic team which makes it a joy to come to work.

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  • Nigel Roy Physiotherapist

    Nigel Roy

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1996)

    Currently working towards a Post Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation through the University of Otago

    Biography: I have over 20 years of private practice experience with the large majority of those now being at You First Physio (Formerly Riccarton Physio) where I became a partner in 2006. I enjoy all aspects of treating patients but am very much a hands-on physiotherapist and enjoy being able to make a difference to movement and function.

    Clinical interests: I enjoy treating spinal injuries and lower limb injuries with a focus on muscle balance and correction of movement patterns. Over the past 6 years I have very much enjoyed teaching and watching our new graduate physios develop their clinical skills and become excellent physiotherapists.

    Hobbies/interests: I am married and have 4 daughters that keep me very busy as a driver for them! I love to watch and support their activities. When I get a chance, I play tennis, ride mountain or road bike and enjoy spending time with friends and family.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: Over the past 18 years I have seen this business grow from 5 staff to now employing 16 fantastic people. We have a great team environment with extremely capable and knowledgeable physios and an administration team that are super friendly, helpful and make our days flow seamlessly. We are like one big family!

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  • Tanja Rosendorfsky Sports Physiotherapist

    Tanja Rosendorfsky

    Qualifications: BSc in Health Studies Physiotherapy, 2012, FH Campus Vienna, Austria MSc in Sports Physiotherapy, 2016, University Salzburg, Austria

    Biography: I have worked for 5 years in a rehabilitation centre for neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, where I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills in this area. Through a therapeutic climbing course, I also had the chance to combine my hobby and work in helping climbers safely return to sport and prevent injuries. I moved to New Zealand 2 years ago and joined You First Physio in 2019, where I am enhancing my knowledge, particularly in knee and shoulder rehabilitation.

    Clinical interests: Rehabilitation of sports injuries, particularly of the knee and shoulder. Analysis of climbing injuries and rehab specific to their individual needs is one of my strengths and my passion. I enjoy keeping up with the latest evidence to enhance my patient care.

    Hobbies/interests: I am a passionate climber and mountaineer, as well as a skier. I like to spend most of my weekends in the outdoors. I love exploring New Zealand’s hidden gems.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: Being a physiotherapist allows me to empower people to take control of their physical health and lead a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy the challenge of guiding people towards their specific goals with an individualised mix of manual treatments, exercise and education. Being a part of You First Physio has been a fun journey where we are continuously learning from each other.

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  • Jack Gifford Physiotherapist

    Jack Gifford

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy – University of Otago (2018), Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation – University of Otago (2020).

    Biography: I have worked in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for 3 years. I joined the team at You First Physio in 2019.

    Clinical interests: Knee and shoulder rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, sport-related injuries, ACL rehabilitation, return-to-work planning

    Hobbies/interests: I play premier rugby in Christchurch and do cross-fit, enjoy spending time with family and exercising my German Shepherd.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: Empowering people throughout their rehabilitation journey is a challenging yet rewarding part of being a Physio. I am passionate about embracing exercise for long term health and function no matter your age or background!

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  • Diana Conner Physiotherapist

    Diana Conner

    Qualifications: Diploma of Physiotherapy, Otago Polytechnic 1988, Post-graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy – Manual Therapy, Auckland University of Technology 1992

    Biography: I grew up in the Netherlands and emigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was a teenager. Learning English as a second language has helped me to develop excellent listening skills. I finished my High schooling and tertiary studies in New Zealand, had three years of clinical experience under my belt and then headed overseas to work in Canada for 2 years. There, I had the opportunity to develop Work-Fit programmes for injured workers to return to their jobs and brought that experience back to Christchurch. I started working at Your First Physio (formerly Riccarton Physio) way back in 1995 and have worked here ever since, buying into a partnership in 1997. Since December 2019, I have changed my role to contracting Physiotherapist which allows me to concentrate more on my patients. Musculo-skeletal injuries are what I have specialised in over my career span of (so far) 32 years. What I enjoy particularly working at You First Physio, is catching up with patients who I have not seen for many years and sometimes meeting their second or even third generation!

    Clinical interests: My approach as a Physiotherapist has always been to treat the whole person. I am interested in the whole picture, what is contributing to the problem and what the cause is. I find with my observational skills, my interviewing approach and my sense of humour, I can usually get to the root of the problem and help solve it quickly and efficiently. I enjoy working with all presentations; from acute sports injuries, chronic pain, post-operative rehabilitation to fall prevention in older persons.

    Hobbies/interests: Heading into the great outdoors, tramping, mountain biking or skiing. Basketball, printmaking, reading and spending time with my family and dog.

    Why I love being a physio/part of the team: Working with people across all ages and ethnicities enhances my day and my own learning. I love getting to know my patients and finding out what makes them “tick”. Being a Physiotherapist for me is being a problem-solver. Coming up with practical solutions, handy hints and the right exercises are all part of the process to get my patients back to whatever it is the injury or pain is preventing them from doing. Being part of an experienced and friendly team here at You First Physio makes that job even better!

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  • Laura Trip Physiotherapist

    Laura Trip

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of Otago.

    Biography: I started my journey into physiotherapy slightly late by deciding to hand in my job, stop running my Taekwondo club and move to Dunedin to study. It was one of the hardest things that I have done but I would highly recommend to anyone to aim high, give it a go and try their best. Since starting my studies, I now recognise how I have always loved analysing how the body moves, how we could create the movements to be most effective and how can we generate the most power.  

    Clinical Interests: Sports-related injuries, return to sport/ fitness rehab, strength and conditioning .

    Hobbies/ interests: ITF Taekwondo, netball, soccer, Pilates, dancing (ballroom and Latin). I love going out and enjoying what New Zealand has to offer with outdoor activities, food and events. 

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: I enjoy physio because of its ability to help people. I love that we have the ability and the time to get to know a person. We can help a person holistically. Physio is my passion.  

  • Kelly Fox Physiotherapist

    Kelly Fox

    Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy Ulster University 2017, MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine Ulster University 2018, APPI Pilates Level 1 and 2

    Biography: I grew up in Ireland and was active in sport at a young age, particularly Gaelic football and gymnastics. It was through coaching gymnastics that I gained a strong interest in analysing and refining movements. Upon graduating I have gained invaluable experience working in a mixture of private and public health settings in Ireland and New Zealand including elite sports teams in Gaelic football as lead physiotherapist for the county Antrim U20 team in 2018 and 2019.

    Clinical interests: Rehabilitation of athletes and sports people particularly of the knee, hip and groin. ACL and post-operative shoulder rehabilitation. Pilates-based treatment. Treatment of motivated individuals be it acute or chronic.

    Hobbies/interests: In my spare time you’ll find me playing Gaelic football, hurling in Hagley Park or exploring what this wonderful country has to offer.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: I love helping people to achieve their goals and get back to doing the things they love.

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  • Josh White Physiotherapist

    Josh White

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of Otago 2021

    Biography: Whilst growing up I was a keen footballer and very active sportsman consistently competing across a wide variety of sports around Canterbury. From this lifestyle, I was inevitably injured at times which were barricades that damaged my motivation and momentum within my sporting life. But after visiting my local physiotherapists, those barricades were quickly brought down and I was back up on my feet feeling stronger and inspired. This fueled my desire to study physiotherapy and to be able to offer the same experience that I had when I was younger.

    Clinical interests: Rehabilitation of athletes and sports-related injuries, neurological disorders, spinal injuries, balance and falls prevention. 

    Hobbies/ interests: Football, music, visual arts, skateboarding, cooking, travel. Every now and then I love a hike up one of our local mountains with friends and family.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: I cherish the moments that I have with my clients and enjoy having the opportunity to meet such a diverse and wide variety of people of many cultures and backgrounds. Being able to connect with a client, as well as helping them regain and improve their baseline function and regaining independence within the community, is very rewarding and strongly motivates me.

  • Evan Burke Physiotherapist

    Evan Burke

    Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy Ulster University 2018, and MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine Ulster University 2019.

    Biography: I’m originally from Ireland and I previously played rugby, soccer and athletics. My involvement in sport brought about my desire to become a physiotherapist and I continue to have a keen interest in sport and working with athletes. To date I have worked within a number of different sports from soccer, to gaelic football, to basketball and athletics having been the lead physiotherapist for the Athletics Northern Ireland national academy for three years. I have also had the privilege of working with a number of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

    Clinical interests: I have a particular interest in the sporting population and injuries of the lower limb.

    Hobbies/interests: I love mountain biking and hope to take advantage of this countries outstanding landscape and cycle as often as possible. I also enjoy a nice coffee and aim to sample what cafès have to offer as I travel on my bike.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: I enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life and helping them achieve their goals and return to being pain free. I also enjoy meeting different people on a daily basis and get to know them whilst we work together towards their goals.

  • Nadine Brens Podiatrist

    Nadine Brens

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) 2011

    Biography: I moved to Christchurch in 2012 to pursue my podiatry career and have worked in private practice ever since. I established Foot Werks Podiatry in 2018 to be inclusive of all areas of foot health whether it be aged care, diabetic foot care, sports podiatry, toenails or corns.

    Clinical interests: I am interested in all aspects of podiatry and like to keep active in all areas. I enjoy seeing positive change in my patients that I work with, by assisting in increasing function and reducing pain.

    Hobbies/interests: I love getting outdoors, whether it be in the garden, walking, a game of tennis or planning a hike.

    Why you love being part of the team: I am passionate about interdisciplinary practice and working within a physio practice allows me to action this in collaboration with other health professionals working towards positive health outcomes for the patient.

  • Angela Thomas Acupuncturist

    Angela Thomas

    Qualifications:Diploma of Acupuncture 2010 (Level 7, four years full-time) at the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine in Christchurch
    A member of Acupuncture New Zealand

    Biography:In the ten years since I graduated as an acupuncturist, I have added to my skill set by studying Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture with Prof Zhu himself, auricular acupuncture with Jim Chalmers, musculo-skeletal treatment techniques with Phil Macqueen, acupuncture in pregnancy and childbirth with Dr Debra Betts, and an introduction to Kiiko-style Japanese acupuncture.

    Clinical interests:I am a generalist who likes working with everyone who comes in for a consultation. I especially enjoy the unexpected results of treating scars (surgical or accidental/traumatic), because the changes to the appearance and sensation of touching the scars can be dramatic. My treatments have been particularly beneficial to people with shoulder, back and knee conditions, but acupuncture is a holistic therapy that can affect every aspect of a person, including their sleep, digestion, and wellbeing of the mind.

    Hobbies / Interests:In my spare time I practise Sing Ong Tai Chi and enjoy walking and cycling. I set up The Summer Project | He Hui Raumati in Dec 2019 and have been busy organising a special event for Mental Health Awareness Week in Sept 2020.

    Why I love being an acupuncturist and part of the physios’ team I get so much satisfaction from seeing people feeling better in themselves, usually leaving my room in much less pain than when they came in, and having hope that they can return to their normal levels of activity. The team of physios at You First are the best! They are professional, caring and good to work with. Why wouldn’t I want to work with professionals who enjoy themselves and are happy to welcome new people into their team? I’ve been with the team since 2013.

  • Leanne Foote Administrator

    Leanne Foote

    Biography: I began working with You First Physio in 2016 and have become extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the patient’s journey and dealing with ACC. I keep the Riccarton site (and physios!) running smoothly and efficiently. I enjoy being able to interact with patients, and love being part of a great team.

    Hobbies/interests: In my spare time I enjoy walking, biking, swimming, all things coffee, and hanging out with my husband Mark.

    I work Wednesday afternoon through to Friday.

  • Tracie Lucas Admnistrator

    Tracie Lucas

    Biography: I am married with two children aged 18 and 16 and have lived in Christchurch all my life. I am involved with netball as a games official and also support my son in his rowing journey with his school. I have been working with You First physio for the last five years and I love the interactions that I have with our clients, and the variation within my role.

    Why I love being a physio/part of the team: The team here are amazing to work alongside as they are very passionate about their role in helping clients to achieve their goals. It is a very friendly, fun and positive environment to be working in.

  • Helen Henderson Administrator

    Helen Henderson

    Biography: I have recently joined the team, working on Reception part time at both the Longhurst and Riccarton clinics.Being very much a people person I enjoy welcoming, interacting and assisting clients. I feel privileged to be part of a very friendly, happy environment, working with a passionate team of professionals.

    Hobbies/interests: Outside of work I enjoy walking, tennis, dancing and spending time with family and friends. 

  • Vanessa O’Rourke Administrator

    Vanessa O’Rourke

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