Concussion Services And Training For Independence

Concussion Services And Training For Independence Christchurch

Currently Tanja is treating those patients who have sustained a head injury or concussion. These symptoms can vary greatly from a few weeks and months to a lifetime of limited ability. The symptoms can involve headache, neck pain, dizziness, difficulties concentrating and changes in mood. Treatment will be tailored in collaboration with an occupational therapist. The contract can contain treatment from a couple of weeks up to 6 months, dependent on your needs.

In an initial assessment Tanja will identify your current symptoms and the severity of those. Furthermore, she will test your vestibular system, balance, neurological and muscular status and the ability to exercise to give you a detailed plan for your rehabilitation. As shown in the literature it is important that clients get guided through a stage programme to safely return to physical and cognitive activity.

Tanja has worked in neurological rehabilitation with brain injuries in Austria prior to her move to New Zealand.

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