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You First Physio @ UC Rec Centre

We are delighted to now be able to have a treatment space within the Rec Centre on campus at the University of Canterbury. We have full access to the gym equipment and areas making your rehabilitation seamless from hands-on to exercise prescription. This gives us the ability to transition you back to full recovery and work towards that preventative training that will be important for you to exceed your goals. Book online for the Rec Centre.

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  • 22 Kirkwood Avenue, University of Canterbury, Christchurch 8041
  • 03 348 7965

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Meet The UC RecCentre Team

  • Tanja Rosendorfsky Sports Physiotherapist

    Tanja Rosendorfsky

    Qualifications: BSc in Health Studies Physiotherapy, 2012, FH Campus Vienna, Austria MSc in Sports Physiotherapy, 2016, University Salzburg, Austria

    Biography: I have worked for 5 years in a rehabilitation centre for neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, where I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills in this area. Through a therapeutic climbing course, I also had the chance to combine my hobby and work in helping climbers safely return to sport and prevent injuries. I moved to New Zealand 2 years ago and joined You First Physio in 2019, where I am enhancing my knowledge, particularly in knee and shoulder rehabilitation.

    Clinical interests: Rehabilitation of sports injuries, particularly of the knee and shoulder. Analysis of climbing injuries and rehab specific to their individual needs is one of my strengths and my passion. I enjoy keeping up with the latest evidence to enhance my patient care.

    Hobbies/interests: I am a passionate climber and mountaineer, as well as a skier. I like to spend most of my weekends in the outdoors. I love exploring New Zealand’s hidden gems.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: Being a physiotherapist allows me to empower people to take control of their physical health and lead a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy the challenge of guiding people towards their specific goals with an individualised mix of manual treatments, exercise and education. Being a part of You First Physio has been a fun journey where we are continuously learning from each other.

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  • Jack Gifford Physiotherapist

    Jack Gifford

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy – University of Otago (2018), Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation – University of Otago (2020).

    Biography: I have worked in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for 3 years. I joined the team at You First Physio in 2019.

    Clinical interests: Knee and shoulder rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, sport-related injuries, ACL rehabilitation, return-to-work planning

    Hobbies/interests: I play premier rugby in Christchurch and do cross-fit, enjoy spending time with family and exercising my German Shepherd.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: Empowering people throughout their rehabilitation journey is a challenging yet rewarding part of being a Physio. I am passionate about embracing exercise for long term health and function no matter your age or background!

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  • Evan Burke Physiotherapist

    Evan Burke

    Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy Ulster University 2018, and MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine Ulster University 2019.

    Biography: I’m originally from Ireland and I previously played rugby, soccer and athletics. My involvement in sport brought about my desire to become a physiotherapist and I continue to have a keen interest in sport and working with athletes. To date I have worked within a number of different sports from soccer, to gaelic football, to basketball and athletics having been the lead physiotherapist for the Athletics Northern Ireland national academy for three years. I have also had the privilege of working with a number of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

    Clinical interests: I have a particular interest in the sporting population and injuries of the lower limb.

    Hobbies/interests: I love mountain biking and hope to take advantage of this countries outstanding landscape and cycle as often as possible. I also enjoy a nice coffee and aim to sample what cafès have to offer as I travel on my bike.

    Why you love being a physio/part of the team: I enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life and helping them achieve their goals and return to being pain free. I also enjoy meeting different people on a daily basis and get to know them whilst we work together towards their goals.

Services & Classes at UC RecCentre

It is our philosophy to deliver cost effective, high quality treatment, advice and education for people who suffer musculoskeletal injuries and problems.

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    Welcome to You First Physio @ Avonhead. We are excited that Avonhead has become part of the You First Physio team. You will find the same wonderful physios and admin staff when you enter the premise with a few minor tweaks such as on-line bookings now available.

    Feel free to browse our website and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 358-8889 or email us: .

    Thank you and see you soon.