ACL Rehabilitation – Escalated Care Pathway

ACL Rehabilitation Christchurch

At You First Physio we can assist you with your ACL injury. This is a recent ACC fully funded package of care that can be both conservative (without surgery) or surgical. The conservative pathway involves physio-led specific strength and conditioning exercise to get you back to full activity/sport. If you are needing to have surgery, we will take you through your prehabilitation to get you ready for the operation. Following surgery, we will then guide you through your total rehabilitation journey to a return to full activity or sports participation. This can be a 9-12-month process.

The initial study has shown the benefits of the extensive rehabilitation with less time off work, less complications and delays post-surgery due to the prehabilitation component, less re ruptures and successful outcomes with return to sport or desired function. At each stage of the rehabilitation journey you must pass certain tests to be able to move forward to the next component of your rehabilitation. We will work closely with you right from acute injury to see you return to full function whether that be sports or your desired level of function.

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